foto salone del mobile 2018

Salone del mobile 2018

Started at the beginning of the 1900s, Asnaghi Interiors has obtained an international reputation producing classic furniture with a high value and characterized by a unique working process in wooden inlay. For this reason, our company is one of the worldwide leader in furnishings’ manufacturing, both for the choice of refined essences and for its care and passion which year by year has always distinguished each step of its production creating real work of arts.

Asnaghi Interiors reinterprets the traditional style adding unique details but mainteining the intact charm in order to satisfy the most complex interior design’s projects. Thanks to its mastery and refinement, Asnaghi Interiors is considered one of the most important brand of made in Italy in classic furnishings.


A tailor-made collection, based on the exclusivity of the project which is studied with great care by experts and manufactured by skilled artisans who satisfy whichever projects enriching them with precious details in every element of home furnishings.


This is a new brand with both classic and contemporary style which proposes the new trends of home furnishings.